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Central Server PRODIS.Server

PRODIS.Server is the central component for tests and diagnostics in vehicle production. It manages all data exchange within the test system and with the production IT.

PRODIS.Server supplies all connected test systems with production data like vehicle data sets and provides all relevant diagnostics data like ODX data and flash data. By means of automated interfaces, all required data can be imported from the OEM IT systems. All result data collected by the test devices at diagnostics and commissioning are reported to the PRODIS.Server and stored centrally. From here, the data can be passed on to external systems like quality management.

PRODIS.Server manages the test devices. It monitors the state of all devices and centrally provides the required software and individual diagnostics sequences. PRODIS.Control can be used to control and monitor these processes.

PRODIS.Server stores all data, in particular the result data, in a long-term analysis database. This database forms the basis for evaluation with PRODIS.Control and PRODIS.Insight.


  • Central system for integration of test system into production IT
  • Management of vehicle data and diagnostics data
  • Collection of test result data
  • Distribution of software and diagnostics sequences

  • Optional analysis database for data evaluation
  • Highly available through cluster technology and redundant network connection
  • Safe through hardened interfaces and OS platform (based on Suse Linux Enterprise Server)

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