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Big Data-Capable Analysis Platform PRODIS.Skylyze

PRODIS.Skylyze is our comprehensive, big data-capable analysis platform for the intelligent analysis of all data arising during the overall vehicle life cycle.

Via an efficient data integration component (ETL), PRODIS.Skylyze can collect data from production, from after-sales workshop networks as well as from vehicles equipped with connectivity solutions. Depending on the analysis task and used data sources, PRODIS.Skylyze supports both traditional on-premises IT infrastructures (such as relational databases) and cloud infrastructures and services.

PRODIS.Skylyze provides the user with a web-based analysis interface for the explorative, visual analysis of prepared data objects as well as during the automated, intelligent and algorithm-based data mining for the detection of correlations or conspicuous data patterns.

With PRODIS.Skylyze, for example, vehicle diagnostic data can be analysed which are collected through worldwide workshop networks. Vehicle-specific or also fleet-relevant abnormalities are recognized such as, for example, a striking accumulation of fault images (DTCs) as a function of specific vehicle configurations.


  • Explorative visual data analysis
  • Preconfigured visualisations and dashboards for DSA’s operative systems in the areas of production, after-sales and connectivity
  • Efficient data integration component for connecting further data and information sources

  • Intelligent data analysis by means of optimised and trained algorithms
  • Platform for customised data mining tasks


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