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Authoring Tool PRODIS.Automation

PRODIS.Automation is an efficient graphical system for the creation of test and programming sequences within the scope of electrics/electronics test and vehicle configuration. The usage of ODX data and the support of OTX sequences is integral part of PRODIS.Automation.

PRODIS.Automation is optimized for the following areas of application:

  • Central provision and distribution of comprehensive test functions and sequences
  • Integrators and authors in production plants, who either create test sequences or take over test sequences and suit them to the specific needs
  • Single applications in association with test stations, e.g. test facilities for vehicle components and modules

The modular architecture (plug-in-concept) allows for using PRODIS.Automation in different system environments. PRODIS.Automation can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

Core element of PRODIS.Automation is the graphical editor for creation of test and programming sequences. Via drag-and-drop, sequences can be created from predefined basic elements.

Integrated team functions enable even large or distributed teams to collaborate efficiently.


  • Versioning and change log
  • Release management
  • Full integration of configuration management system
  • Branch and merge concept
  • User and role management

  • Code generation and release process
  • ODX and OTX support
  • Full multi-channel communication
  • Statistics feature
  • Debugging
  • WYSIWYG screen editor

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