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Authoring Tool PRODIS.Authoring

PRODIS.Authoring is our comprehensive system for the creation and maintenance of diagnostic data (e.g. ODX-compliant data) and test sequences. Application areas lie within the complete diagnostic process chain, covering ECU specification and acceptance as well as after-sales-oriented tasks. Strengths of PRODIS.Authoring are the multi-user collaboration support through an integrated version management system, the fine-grained variant management, the standard compliance and the efficient handling of test cycles through the integrated graphical debugger and simulator.

The diagnostic applications and data authored are executed seamlessly by the diagnostic runtime system PRODIS.WTS. The flexible release management allows for the configuration of arbitrary diagnostic data packages (e.g. for delivery to brand-specific dealerships).


  • Graphical creation of diagnostic applications and HMI (Human Machine Interface) layouts
  • Graphical testing and debugging of diagnostic data and applications
  • Administration of diagnostic data of a complete vehicle fleet
  • Integrated version and variant management for optimal support of multi-user collaboration and avoidance of redundancy
  • Import and export from and to XML and ODX to integrate data into the overall processes

  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Full integration into the PRODIS suite
  • Sophisticated role and user management for the support of all authorization and data security requirements
  • Possibility of world-wide access via Internet
  • Multi-site/multi-author operation possible

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