Diagnostics Systems Applications

Solutions for the Automotive Industry

DSA is one of the leading manufacturers of test systems for electric and electronic vehicle components. System solutions from DSA are used in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Our portfolio contains individual customized system solutions and a wide product range for quality assurance, diagnostics, flash programming and maintenance/repair of the entire vehicle electrics and electronics.

Our expertise in the area of the diagnostic standards ODX, MVCI, D-PDU-API, MCD-3D and OTX is internationally recognized. We actively defined these standards, chaired some of the standardization work groups and implement all of them in our products and solutions. The first ODX-based processes, including manufacturing and after sales, were implemented with us.

Customer-oriented integration of our system solutions including conception, planning, implementation and test is supported by a wide service spectrum. It includes on-site support, remote maintenance of our system installations and a permanent operational support upon request. We provide training on the latest technologies (e. g. ODX, OTX, UDS) and on operation and maintenance of our systems and products.

Test Systems for Production

Efficient and fast manufacturing processes are indispensable in the automotive industry. Innovation in the vehicle electrics and electronics requires faster manufacturing and testing processes. Our solutions support these requirements throughout the entire range of hardware and software solutions with contemporary performance data and architectures. Using DSA systems substantially contributes to raising efficiency in vehicle manufacturing. The PRODIS tool suite allows mastering of interfaces, a safe data distribution and interrelated complementary systems. In addition to this DSA offers individual hardware and adaption technology for the test of vehicle components.

Migration of Diagnostic Data

The migration of proprietary und heterogeneously documented diagnostic data into the standardized format ODX (Open Diagnostic data eXchange) has special requirements for processes and tooling. In past projects DSA has created ODX data for more than 200 ECUs with more than 700 variants for numerous manufacturers from the vehicle and commercial vehicle sector. Data migration always requires close cooperation with the customer regarding approach in project and the development process. A partly automated migration process and reverse engineering of diagnostic data are both efficiently supported by DSA´s own products e.g. PRODIS.MCD and PRODIS.OET.

Continuous (data-driven) Process Chain

Significant increase in efficiency in the main sections development, production and service can only be realized by using a coherent database and coordinated processes. Increase in efficiency by shortening of development cycles and error minimization has positive effects on the entire process. The prerequisite for that is use of the standards ODX and OTX. DSA´s systems PRODIS.OET for development, the authoring tools PRODIS.Automation and PRODIS.Authoring and the correlating runtime systems PRODIS.RTS and PRODIS.WTS for production and service, allow interaction without system discontinuities.

The diagnostic runtime system (MCD-3D Diagnosis kernel), which is required for all areas, is implemented in all tools as DSA product PRODIS.MCD.

Euro 5/6-compliant Service Solutions

The Euro 5/6 regulations 715/2007/EC and 692/2008/EC do not only control emission limits for vehicles but also control access to technical information and resources for maintenance and repair of vehicles. Independent competitors may not be discriminated against authorized workshops.

Our  service solutions offer multi-language support and are aligned with the legal requirements by providing features like ECU diagnostics, guided diagnostics and ECU reprogramming via Internet-based diagnostics portals.


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