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The HMI application PRODIS.CLES (Checklist Execution System) supports an optimized and efficient procedure within vehicle production. Executed on portable computer systems, such as tablets, handhelds or smart glasses, the app guides the production worker electronically through various production processes in the factory, enabling operator interaction.

PRODIS.CLES provides electronically guided operator's instructions to assist production staff in both assembly and picking steps as well as quality assurance documentation and visual inspection procedures. This ensures efficient and ergonomic operation of the production worker at the factory.

In conjunction with our runtime system PRODIS.RTS, it is also possible to carry out diagnostic functions in the vehicle, to read measured values, to check them automatically for correctness and to save them with the result data of the checklist app on the PRODIS.Server.

PRODIS.CLES is fully integrated into the PRODIS system. The contents of the checklist application are created via the checklist editor in PRODIS.Automation. Checklist releases are released to the PRODIS.Server. There, the releases can be distributed as usual via PRODIS.Control to the checklist devices.


Commercial Vehicles

To reduce paper, increase flexibility and document automatically.  All assembly instructions collected vehicle specific in a single device.

The assembly process for commercial vehicles becomes ever more complex. PRODIS.CLES helps to manage all assembly instructions centrally and distribute them where needed.

To simplify the process of deploying assembly instructions to the production time. PRODIS.CLES is always up-to-date and managed centrally.


  • Simplification of working conditions due to ergonomic operation
  • Flexible movement of the operators at the testing site
  • Optimal presentation of information and improved documentation
  • Time and cost savings
  • Error minimization
  • Digital recording of data and server storage
  • Digital processing of result data


Electronic Assembly Instructions

The "Assembly Instruction" app guides the worker electronically through the entire assembly of the vehicle components. Here, the worker receives a list of installation instructions that guide him through the process. The assembly steps are documented electronically on the PRODIS.Server in the form of result data.

Worker interaction during picking

Our pick box app informs the worker in the form of a checklist about component sets to be taken. Furthermore, the app checks the correct removal by matching the part number and allows digital processing of the results.

Operator Interaction during Test Bench Cycles

Our "HMI Test Bench" system is a clever alternative to the previous, screen-based implementation of end-of-line tests. The production employee receives relevant information "just in time" and is able to move freely at the line or in the test bench.

Quality Check

Furthermore, our checklist app substitutes the paper-based visual inspection of the vehicle at the end of the line by digitally recording quality data and sending it immediately to the PRODIS.Server. This server collects all results and correlates them with other quality data of the vehicle. Besides significant time savings, systematic and semi-automated analysis of the result data is enabled.

The position of the quality defects found on the vehicle can be graphically marked in the checklist app and documented in the form of photos. The documented position information of the quality defects are then visualized in the form of a heat map in PRODIS.Insight in order to find accumulations of quality defects.

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