Wheel and Light Alignment and ADAS

On the axle geometry level, the chassis is adjusted and tested. Since the vehicle is in a defined position on the axle geometry level, the light alignment and the calibration of the Advances Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is generally carried out here as well.

Flashen und Codieren

The PRODIS production system controls the setting, calibration and testing. Setting data (target values) are transferred from the PRODIS production system to the corresponding subsystems of the combined level and result data (actual values) are recorded and archived. The PRODIS system also controls the sequence and, if necessary, parallel processes. Certain measured values from the chassis geometry setting form the offset data for the calibration of the driver assistance systems.

Depending on the technical design of the PRODIS production system, the connection to the systems of the alignment level is wired or wireless.

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