Checking and Commissioning of High-Voltage Batteries

The high-voltage battery is the most expensive and at the same time most important component in the electric vehicle. Due to the potential dangers of high voltage testing of the high-voltage battery requires special care.

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DSA offers solutions for:

  • Checking the installation of high-voltage batteries and battery modules
  • Electrical testing of high-voltage batteries
  • Commissioning of high-voltage batteries

All DSA solutions offer revision-proof documentation of the test results as well as the documentation of all serial numbers of the installed components and modules. The results of the battery test can then be made available to other DSA test systems via PRODIS.Server.

For a cost-efficient installation, it is particularly important to submit the individual battery modules to a comprehensive electrical test before they are installed in the HV battery. It is also possible to control high-current charge-discharge cycles for finding contact resistance. For example the temperature distribution in the battery modules are monitored with thermographic image analysis to identify faulty contacts of the battery modules with each other.

To verify the HV battery after final installation, the DSA test system can perform the following tests:

  • High voltage insulation tests to detect assembly errors and damaged insulation
  • Tightness test of the cooling circuits of the battery system and the battery housing
  • Verification and flashing of the battery ECU firmware to save process time at the end-of-line
  • Charge-discharge cycles for battery management system (BMS) check

The HVBT has extensive digital I/O-channels for communication with industrial safety components. This ensures integration into functional safety circuits.

Within the plant logistics, the HV battery requires different states of charge. For example, when leaving the factory, it must be ensured that the battery in the electric vehicle has a defined charge level.

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