Start of apprenticeship at DSA - welcome!

Once again, we welcome our IT junior staff who started their training at DSA on August 1, 2021. This year there are three future software specialists, two of them Mathematical-technical Software Developers (MATSE) and one future IT expert. We wish our young colleagues a successful and above all enjoyable start to their careers.

As a globally operating company, we offer young people two future-oriented training options with a wide range of potential career opportunities.
By combining practical training with a bachelor's degree in "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" at the Jülich University of Applied Sciences, the two MATSE candidates are aiming for both an IHK and a bachelor's degree. The practical orientation combined with scientific knowledge provides an ideal start into the professional future.
The apprenticeship as IT specialist opens a practice-oriented access into the field of application development. In the in-house part of the training, the prospective junior developer will get to know various work areas at DSA and work together with experienced software developers on exciting projects and future-oriented system solutions for customers all over the world.

The promotion of young professionals is a top priority at DSA. As a globally acting company with regional roots, it is important for us to offer young people a professional perspective. Because qualified young people who work with us to find solutions for the technological challenges of the future help to ensure our success.

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