SmartMDI improves productivity in automotive production

SmartMDI, the new mobile diagnostic interface of DSA, enables car manufacturers in increasing productivity in final vehicle assembly without extending the production line. Along the assembly lines, there are always sections where time passes inefficiently from the production process point of view. For example, the conveyor system transports the partially assembled vehicles to areas that are not accessible to the workers.

With DSA's smartMDI, this time can now be used productively to configure and program ECUs. Once connected to the vehicle, the smartMDI is able to perform work steps independently from the worker.

In a current use case, the smartMDI is used in an automotive production site to flash engine and transmission ECUs while the vehicles are in a buffer zone before being transferred to the next line in the aisle. This time has so far been lost within the production area due to the lack of continuous Wi-Fi coverage. As the smartMDI operates autonomously, it can carry out the previously defined steps for flashing the ECUs at this point independently and thus use the previously unproductive phase as process time.

The smartMDI supports all common interfaces for vehicle communication such as DoIP, CAN, CAN-FD and K-Line.

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