PRODIS.LCM supports OEMs in UN ECE regulation for software update management

With the UN ECE regulation for a software update management system coming into operation in Europe in July 2022, vehicle manufacturers will face numerous challenges when distributing software updates for their vehicles. The regulation affects both the update of a vehicle over-the-air and in the workshop.

Software updates must not only be carried out systematically. In the course of the new regulation, expected and actual software versions of a vehicle must also be brought into line with each other. This means that software updates and configuration changes affect type approval relevant systems. The implementation of the updates must be resistant to manipulation. A traceable and auditable history must be created for all changes.

The Lifecycle Management solution PRODIS.LCM not only makes it easier for OEMs to carry out software updates by means of campaigns, but also manages the updates completely.

When new software versions are distributed, a unique version for type approval relevant systems is automatically generated, as required by the upcoming regulation. PRODIS.LCM defines the updates for the individual vehicles as campaigns and distributes them via the manufacturer specific OTA solution and its workshop testers. PRODIS.LCM also collects the current version statuses of the vehicles and checks whether all vehicles in the field meet the expected status.

In this way, DSA supports the vehicle manufacturers in complying with the new regulation. The solution allows the definition of dependencies on both the technical and regulatory level and can thus make the effects of an update clear to the user. By archiving all changes along with version information, the system meets future requirements of auditors.

With the continuous risk handling in vehicle operation PRODIS.LCM complies with the new UN ECE regulation for more security in a constantly changing risk environment with long vehicle life cycles.

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