Presentation of the Manfred Nagl Award within the Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University

© Department of Computer Science RWTH Aachen University, Photographer: Dirk Gier

Aachen, June 7th, 2024 - For the third time, DSA has awarded the renowned Manfred Nagl Award to excellent young researchers in the field of computer science. This year's winner is Dr. Alexandru Kampmann for his outstanding dissertation on "A Dynamic Service-oriented Software Architecture for the Automotive Domain". The presentation of the award took place as part of the graduation ceremony of the Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University.

In 2022, DSA initiated the Manfred Nagl Award to honour the outstanding research results of young computer scientists. The award is also intended to encourage them to implement the researched solutions in practice by founding a company. For this reason, the prize money is again divided into two tranches: one for the scientific work and one for the subsequent implementation of the research results in entrepreneurial activities. The second part of the prize will be paid out after a start-up has been launched.

"The distribution of the prize reflects the two main objectives of the Manfred Nagl Award. On the one hand, we honour outstanding scientific achievements in the field of computer science at RWTH Aachen University. On the other hand, we want to encourage young scientists to found a start-up," says DSA Managing Director Dr. Thomas Huth, emphasising the intention of the award. "The potential to found a company based on the research results is therefore a key criterion when selecting the award winners. Dr Alexandru Kampmann's award-winning work this year fulfils this requirement in full."

The title of the dissertation, "A Dynamic Service-oriented Software Architecture for the Automotive Domain", indicates that the research work deals with the development of flexible, modular, and updatable software architectures in vehicles. As these architectures can be integrated during runtime, they support short development cycles and the rapid market launch of software innovations.

This year, for the first time, the DSA also awarded a recognition award for the second place. Dr. Mahsa Pourbafrani received this award for her dissertation on "Forward-Looking Process Mining: Data-Driven Simulation". Her work was characterised by its innovative approach and potential practical applications.

DSA congratulates the award winners and wishes them continued success in their scientific and entrepreneurial careers.

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