New automatic driver card and tachograph download improves fleet management

DSA expands its telematics solution BetoTrack with an automatic driver card and tachometer download, thus simplifying personnel and fleet management. Considering the aspects of improved road safety and better working conditions for truck drivers, the use of digital tachographs is mandatory. The data collected is primarily used to document drivers' driving times and breaks and to make them available as a basis for traffic and company audits.

DSA's Remote Tachograph Download allows mass memory and driver card to be automatically downloaded and transferred to the customer's tachograph management system. A particular advantage here is the ability to perform time- or event-controlled downloads. The automatic data download thus takes place according to an interval specified by the customer or on an event-related basis, for example at the start of the driver's shift. This allows the evaluation of smaller time periods such as daily data. In addition, there is the option to set the time interval even more detailed and to adjust the current daily planning of the drivers according to the short-term order situation based on the collected rest and driving times.

For fleet managers, the automatic tachograph download means significant time savings. The data download takes place regardless of the vehicle's location, the information is promptly available to the manager in the cloud for further processing, and the company card data remains in the office. Drivers have access to their data downloaded via the driver card at any time via their CarPC (mobile app) and thus have an up-to-date overview of their daily and weekly working, driving and rest times.

With the automatic driver card and tachograph download from DSA, companies fulfill the legal obligations for recording and archiving mass memory and driver cards, while increasing efficiency in personnel and fleet scheduling.

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