First Lego League: Success for DSA-sponsored Team Inda Bots at the Asia Pacific Open Championships in Sydney

As a sponsor of the Inda Bots, we congratulate the team of the Inda-Gymnasium in Aachen on their fantastic results at this year's Asia Pacific Open Championships of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) in Sydney. The Inda Bots have been taking part in the FIRST LEGO League Challenge for years with varying members. This season, after several successful competitions at local, regional, and national level, the Inda team qualified for the Asia Pacific Open Championships in Sydney, where they picked up several awards.

In the Robot Game as the highlight of the competition event, the team from Aachen reached the 5th place out of 50. In this competition, the teams had to have their Lego Mindstorms robots, which they had developed over months of work, solve various challenging and tricky tasks on a playing field. With 400 points, the Aachen team was only 10 points behind the best-placed team and is thus among the world's best!

In addition, the Inda Bots brought other victory trophies back to Aachen. Among other things, the team received the Breakthrough Award for their particularly advanced research project of a photovoltaic marquee that adjusts to the position of the sun.

Besides the technical tasks, the FIRST LEGO League competitions are also about the non-disciplinary core values of discovering, innovation, impact, inclusion, teamwork and fun. How the teams have adopted and live these values is also assessed by the jury. Here too, our sponsored team was able to convince the jury. In this case, the prize went to the teacher and team supervisor of the robotics club at Inda-Gymnasium, Mr. Andreas Uhe. The Coach Award was given in recognition of his special leadership of the team in the spirit of the core values of the FIRST LEGO League.

We are happy to support the young inventors from Inda-Gymnasium. For years, DSA has been committed to promoting young talent in the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. With the tasks and the competitions, the FIRST LEGO League has also taken up the cause of promoting these areas as well as the social commitment.

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