DT-4: New mobile tester for flexible vehicle diagnostics

Multiple application options for the entire vehicle life cycle

The new manageable and mobile Diagnostic Tester DT-4 is an effective device for communication between test systems and control units in vehicles. As a modular Vehicle Communication Interface (VCI) with an integrated diagnostic function, the tester covers all phases of the vehicle life cycle: from the development stage of vehicles to production in end-of-line testing and after-sales service.

Cost-efficient deployment for specific areas of application

The range of functions of the new DT-4 tester, which is tailored to specific areas of application, makes it particularly cost-efficient. With its handy design and its focus on specific diagnostic functions, the tester is particularly suitable for applications in specialized test environments.

The connection to the vehicle is implemented via an OBD-compatible cable. The assignment of the OBD connector can be customized using multiplexers, which can be integrated. A built-in rechargeable battery reduces delays when starting the device. Optional lighting for the OBD connector is available to help locate the OBD socket in the vehicle footwell.

Modular configuration for customized models

As for other DSA devices, thanks to its modular design, the VCI can be flexibly customized to individual requirements. The device supports all common diagnostic interfaces, in some cases with several channels simultaneously, including DoIP, CAN-FD and optionally Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) and CAN-XL. The high mobile data processing rate via Wi-Fi 6 and a generous mass memory allow even memory-intensive flash applications to be executed. A Cat. 6 LTE modem is also available for use in the field, ensuring reliable connectivity. Optional GNSS positioning (in combination with the LTE option) enables precise recording of road journeys, for example.

Find out more about the technical details of the Diagnostic Tester DT-4 as a comprehensive solution for efficient vehicle diagnostics that can be flexibly adapted to different requirements.

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