DSA Joins eSync Alliance

As a new member of the eSync Alliance, DSA adds its expertise in electronic life cycle management of automotive electronics to the multi-company standard for automotive OTA.

The eSync Alliance is spearheading the development of end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) updating and data services, enabling bi-directional communications with all electronic devices in the vehicle.

DSA provides state of the art products and services to improve commissioning, quality assurance, diagnostics, flash programming and maintenance of all vehicle electronics, with remote diagnostics and FOTA-solutions for passenger vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, trucks, busses and trailers. DSA serves customers from the automotive, commercial vehicles, off-highway and after sales sectors in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Mario Ortegón, Head of Strategy & Innovation Management at DSA, said, "We see a major impact on vehicle diagnostics and communication coming from the changes in automotive electronics architecture driven by autonomous driving, e-mobility, digitalization and the sharing economy. We joined the eSync Alliance as we see the potential of the new technology and are enthusiastic to contribute to standardizing OTA in the automotive arena."

Rick Kreifeldt, Executive Director at the eSync Alliance, said, "DSA products improve efficiency in automotive manufacturing, test and field support. The company’s long-term expertise in working with diagnostic data brings a new skill set and perspective to the eSync Alliance. We look forward to their participation as we continue to expand the eSync ecosystem."

The Alliance is based around eSync, a multi-vendor OTA platform of server and embedded software, which provides a secure bi-directional data pipeline between the cloud and electronic end devices in vehicles. eSync can deliver and update software and firmware over-the-air, while collecting real-time operational data from in-car devices.

With a global network of co-operating suppliers, the eSync data pipeline helps automakers avoid costly and inconvenient vehicle recalls, creating new opportunities to enhance vehicle software and features on vehicles in the field.

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