AUDI AG counts on new Remote Production System

Present market trends are driving automobile manufacturers to focus increasingly on the opportunities offered by digitalization. The main targets are to optimize their internal processes, save costs and fulfill quality standards reliably. As part of this, AUDI AG is counting on digitally controlled vehicle commissioning, also known as remote production, at its plant in Ingolstadt.

In cooperation with DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH, the expert for digital processes in automobile production in Aachen, the automobile manufacturer has redesigned the filling systems at its plant in Ingolstadt. The processes are now controlled by the Remote Production System PRODIS.PlantHUB in communication with the mobile interface WDI-2X for vehicle diagnostics and the runtime system PRODIS.RTS. In the production step of vehicle filling, the highly individualized new vehicles are filled for the first time with fluids for the engine, brakes, air conditioning and other vehicle systems.  

Automotive manufacturers dedicate a lot of work to ensuring that new cars are delivered to their customers in perfect shape. It is particularly important that all required vehicle functionalities have to be provided in a safe and reliable operation. In order to meet the ever-increasing quality demands on the customer side, AUDI relies on the current generation of digitally controlled production at its Ingolstadt plant. PRODIS.PlantHUB is now in charge of the filling system, in which the new vehicles are filled with all fluids for the engine, brakes, air conditioning and other systems necessary for subsequent operation.

The Remote Production System from DSA communicates with the vehicle via the mobile diagnostic interface WDI-2X. Before starting the filling process, each individual vehicle is connected to this diagnostic connector. PRODIS.PlantHUB then tracks the position of the vehicle in the production line and ensures via the runtime system PRODIS.RTS that all relevant data for filling the car is available at the individual stations.

Both DSA systems control the interaction of vehicle, filling plant and staff as well as the infrastructure of dialog interface, handhelds and large monitors. The new system ensures greater transparency and quality in the processes by visually displaying the position and filling data. This means that the process managers always have the production progress of each individual vehicle in control. For the employees, the new solution above all provides more ergonomics in their work processes.   


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