DSA and Dres. Schäfer-Schulz Wohlfahrtsstiftung are main sponsors of "Herbstemotionen"

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Aachen 29th September 2022 - DSA and Dres. Schäfer-Schulz Wohlfahrtstiftung are the main sponsors of "Herbstemotionen"("Autumn Emotions"), the charity event of the Hospizstiftung Aachen. After a three-year break, the cultural event will once again take place live at the Aachen Theatre on the 1st of November 2022. The proceeds of the event will be used to fund the Hospice am Iterbach. The software company DSA from Aachen-Oberforstbach and the Dres. Schäfer-Schulz Wohlfahrtsstiftung are active in many ways as cultural sponsors in the Aachen region.

For the seventh time, the Hospice Foundation Aachen Region is organising a colourful programme under the title "Herbstemotionen" in the main hall of the Aachen City Theatre. Well-known artists from Aachen's cultural scene will be taking part. The performances of the artists, actors and musicians again promise a lot of variety and entertainment. The proceeds of the event, sponsored by DSA and the Dres. Schäfer-Schulz-Wohlfahrtstiftung (Schäfer-Schulz Welfare Foundation), will be used to further finance the Aachen Hospice am Iterbach, which accompanies people in their remaining phase of life.

"Due to the pandemic, all of the Hospice Foundation's benefit events had to be cancelled in previous years. It is therefore all the more important for us to support this cultural event with Aachen's local character," emphasises Foundation Chairman and DSA Managing Director Dr. Huth. In addition to the Dres. Schäfer-Schulz-Wohlfahrtstiftung, the Aachen software company DSA is also regularly involved in the areas of culture, social affairs and science. "For a mid-sized Aachen-based company like DSA, there is also a social responsibility. Within the scope of our influence, we take this responsibility seriously and support local institutions such as the Hospizstiftung Region Aachen," explains Dr. Schulz, founder and managing director of DSA.

About the Dres Schäfer-Schulz Welfare Foundation

In addition to charity activities, the Dres. Schäfer-Schulz-Wohlfahrtstiftung aims to promote public health care and hospitals. The foundation is particularly dedicated to institutions that care for seriously ill people at the end of their days. The main focus is on the two aspects of medical care in the sense of palliative medicine and human support through outpatient and inpatient hospice services. Another emphasis of the foundation is the promotion of science and research in the field of healing, prevention and alleviation of neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

About DSA

For more than 40 years DSA has been developing innovative diagnostic solutions for vehicle electronics. As a long-standing automotive expert and market leader, the company supplies modular software and hardware solutions for the entire life cycle of vehicles. DSA’s core competence lies in the development of innovative solutions that enable vehicle manufacturers and service providers to meet the demanding quality standards of the industry, optimize process times and make production processes leaner and more flexible.

DSA is present at most automotive locations worldwide with offices in Germany, USA, China, Italy, Brazil, India, and Mexico. DSA currently employs more than 500 people. The headquarters of the company is in Aachen, Germany.

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