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DSA and Excelfore join forces on the topic of "Digital Lifecycle Management“

As part of the eSync Alliance, DSA is intensifying its cooperation with the California based company Excelfore, which provides secure solutions for Digital Lifecycle Management and IoT frameworks for automotive and industrial systems.

DSA contributes its expertise as a provider of innovative software and hardware solutions for connected vehicles, including remote diagnostics, remote maintenance and Software and Firmware over the Air (OTA/FOTA). Together, DSA and Excelfore are working to bundle the solutions of both companies in the areas of FOTA and remote diagnostics on the level of eSync Alliance standards.

"We see that current trends in the automotive industry such as autonomous driving, e-mobility, digitalization and the sharing economy are changing the architecture of automotive electronics dramatically,“ emphasizes Mario Ortegón, Head of Strategy & Innovation Management at DSA. "This in turn has a major impact on vehicle diagnostics and diagnostic communication. In the cooperation with Excelfore, we combine our respective company expertise in the above-mentioned areas with the goal of offering our customers a future-proof, standardized solution."

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