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Remote Management Over the Air - DSA supports secure software updates

A more comfortable driving experience, more electronics, more software. In the era of connected mobility, vehicles have an extensive software infrastructure that is necessary to control the vehicle electronics.

Unlike electronic control units that have been installed previously, the vehicle software requires regular updates in addition to initial programming. This is the only way to guarantee that vehicles and fleets always comply with the latest safety standards and that the latest functions are available to those driving them.

Based on the Over the Air connection (OTA) used for vehicle communication and the basic components of DSA, our customers are supported to develop solutions which allow the firmware of the individual control units to be conveniently installed and updated Over the Air (FOTA) and the software coding to be carried out in the same way (COTA). For communication with the vehicles, DSA uses proven industry standards such as ODX and an MCD 3D server according to ISO 22900-3.

Thus, DSA supports the innovative remote management concept, in which manufacturers conveniently keep their vehicle software up-to-date remotely. Necessary security updates are distributed immediately without customers having to make a workshop appointment. 

Would you like to receive more information about our solution? Please contact us: sales@dsa.de

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