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Best friends: Fleet management system and web shop for ready-mix concrete

The modular system BetoTrack offers a useful system solution consisting of software and hardware for an integrated fleet management. The system enables the live tracking of vehicles and provides status reports on loading and unloading processes as well as drum movements and fuel consumption. A digital map can be used to display not only the vehicle position but also the current traffic situation. As an option, an integrated working time model records the drivers' working hours.

To be combined with other modules and existing IT structures
BetoTrack is easily combined with other modules, for example with the customer portal BetoShop. BetoShop is the new platform-independent customer portal for fast and easy ordering and tracking the delivery of ready-mix concrete. Both systems support dispatching processes and provide easy handling as well as a wide range of functions. They belong to the integrated logistics solution BetoSys, the modular software solution for managing production and logistics.

The web-based software approach of both systems allows the easy integration into existing IT environments. Find out more about BetoTrack and BetoShop as modules of the Integrated Logistics Solution BetoSys

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