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DSA presents new SOVD diagnostics standard at CTI 2020

The two megatrends of autonomous driving and digital networking of vehicles are fundamentally redefining the way vehicle networks are equipped. This also has a significant impact on vehicle diagnostics, for which a new standard is required. At this year's CTI conference in Munich on March 23, DSA will present the current development of the new "Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics (SOVD)".

With the introduction of HPCs (High Performance Controllers) into vehicle networks, it is evident that the currently widely used diagnostic protocol UDS has reached its limits. HPCs offer functions that offer far more than those of previous ECUs, such as multi-core computing or virtualized ECUs that share resources on the same hardware. Today's diagnostic standards do not allow to analyze and diagnose the application software running on HPCs.

Since September 2019, DSA has been working in an ASAM project group to define a standardized service API for HPC diagnosis. The goal is to ensure that the future SOVD standard includes both new HPC-related and conventional diagnostic use cases.

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