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CAN FD Implementation for various DSA Products

ECUs require an ever-increasing amount of firmware data. Hence, the programming time has also increased drastically. In the production line, time is a critical cost factor.
Modern vehicles do not only use Diagnostics over IP (DoIP, ISO 14300) as fast access to the ECUs, but most recently also CAN FD (Controller Area Network with Flexible Data Rate according to ISO 11898-1:2016-12). DoIP and CAN FD address the programming time with high data rates and greater efficiency.

Compared to High Speed "Classic CAN" with up to 1 MBit/s data rate, not only does CAN FD achieve five times higher data rates (up to 5 MBit/s): By increasing the packet size from 8 bytes to up to 64 bytes, it can also provide a more efficient transmission. In total, this makes it possible to increase the speed up to eight times compared to High Speed classic CAN.
DSA has implemented these enhancements in product upgrades available since 2016:

  • Existing MFT-3 can be upgraded with a new MTX card which provides a CAN FD channel on the standard CAN lines (Pin 6 & 14). If desired, the MTX card can also be used for the MDI-G4 communication interface.
  • The WDI-2 and the WDI-2X also have an optional CAN FD channel on the standard CAN lines.
  • The GBFTT implements four CAN FD channels that are connected to the communication CPU via a high-speed bus.

In addition, DSA's implementation of the CAN FD controllers and interfaces allows interframe times to be met to the microsecond - this is essential for maximum data throughput to ECUs. Only with such a technology optimum programming times for ECUs and complete vehicles can be achieved.

For more information about our CAN FD implementation, please contact your DSA account manager or write to sales@dsa.de.

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