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Successful Project Work in AEF Expert Teams

As a member of the Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) since 2012, DSA has been committed to establishing international electronics standards in agricultural engineering. Following the principle "Together we are more efficient", various international expert and project groups work together under the lead of the AEF to develop cross-manufacturer standards.

In the project team "Wireless Infield Communication", together with the team members DSA develops and tests wireless data exchange between agricultural machinery. In the future, communicating agricultural machines will be able to exchange process data wirelessly in real time – for example in order to work a field cooperatively. It will also be possible for the driver of a loader to locate the harvesting machine and then automatically drive in parallel.

The aim is to use the new 802.11p radio standard for communication between vehicles. In field tests, this Wi-Fi standard has already been used to transmit data over more than 3,000 meters (about 1.9 mi). In contrast to mobile radio-based systems, this standard does not require any infrastructure and can be put into operation in rural areas with no regular network coverage.

In test environments, the ITS-G5 standard based on 802.11p has already been extended in such a way that agricultural machine-specific data has been exchanged. As part of the AEF, DSA is actively working to standardize these extensions so that cross-vendor data exchange can be used in the field.

DSA is also involved in the “Service and Diagnostics” Project Team, which deals with service and troubleshooting for ISOBUS systems with devices from different manufacturers. DSA contributes its expertise in diagnostic standards for automobiles and commercial vehicles.

Find out more about the work in the various AEF project teams.

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