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DSA Hosts ASAM Working Group "SOVD - Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics"

We are pleased to host the ASAM working group for the development of the new standard "SOVD - Service Oriented Vehicle Diagnostics" at the beginning of November. During the two-day meeting, representatives of car manufacturers and suppliers discuss requirements and solution concepts.

With the introduction of HPCs (high performance computers) to the vehicle network, the diagnostic capabilities of the most widely used diagnostic protocol, the UDS, seem to reach its limitations. HPCs offer capabilities that go far beyond those of conventional ECUs, such as multi-core computing or virtualized ECUs that share resources on the same hardware. Today's diagnostic standards are unable to match this high software complexity. Therefore, a new diagnostic protocol is required to analyze and diagnose not only the hardware aspects of the vehicle network, but also the highly complex application software executing on HPCs.

In the middle of the year, DSA has proposed to ASAM to develop a new diagnostic standard. Since September, work has begun on defining a standardized service API for HPC diagnostics, including new HPC-related and conventional diagnostic use cases.

For more information, visit the ASAM website.

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