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PRODIS.Automation Version 4.0 available

The new version 4.0 of the DSA authoring tool PRODIS.Automation for the production environment takes vehicle manufacturers one step further towards the digital factory with more transparency and higher productivity.

With the new version of the graphical system, both the modeling of the plant (factory, production line, test location) and the vehicle structure (vehicle, electronic control unit and functions) are made possible. Based on this information, it becomes possible to efficiently organize the vehicle commissioning sequence by using location-specific test plans. The new test plan editor links the created plant and vehicle structure and offers only the matching electronic control units and their associated commissioning activities and test modules.

High Reliability & Safety
With the help of PRODIS.Automation, the steps required for each control unit, such as flashing, coding, testing, etc., can be individually defined. This guarantees high reliability and safety of the vehicles produced.

Increased Efficiency
The new data of the plant and the vehicle structure is transferred via the release approval to the runtime system PRODIS.RTS on the tester. There, this information can be used for a variety of new functions, such as automatic trace logging, automatic process time, and automatic test repetition management. Hence, the new functionality reduces authoring effort and increases optimization possibilities.

More Flexibility
Each of the new structure objects has its own configuration attributes that can be expanded by the user and are useful for easy data storage and sharing between test sequences.

Based on the new basic structures, there will also be many enhancements in the coming versions of PRODIS.Automation, such as the simplified integration of test benches and production facilities and the automatic completeness check.

For more information or an offer, feel free to contact your DSA Account Manager or write to sales@dsa.de.

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