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DSA VCG – The All-rounder for the Ready-mixed Concrete Industry

"Where is my concrete mixer?"
"Will the concrete be delivered to the customer in the right quality at the right time?"
"In what condition is the vehicle?"

This and more telemetry and diagnostics information is delivered by our DSA VCG (Vehicle Connectivity Gateway) via a mobile online connection to portals which can be viewed and evaluated by dispatchers in the head office:

For an efficient vehicle status monitoring and disposition of the vehicles in the field, a constant transmission of position and movement data of the vehicle takes place based on GPS data.

Coupling with the FMS interface
The fleet management system standard interface of the vehicle provides the dispatcher with a wide variety of vehicle data online and live, such as axle load, tire pressure, mileage, brake pressure, fuel and oil level, vehicle speed, etc.

Remote Diagnostics
With our many years of experience in the field of vehicle diagnostics and flash programming, the DSA VCG offers optimal implementation of vehicle status monitoring and performance of firmware updates. By recording important vehicle parameters, preventive maintenance is enabled besides remote monitoring. In addition, the device’s firmware can be easily updated remotely and thus equipped with new functional modules and adapted to new customer requirements.

Theft Protection
The remote-control-unit VCG remotely controls and monitors the condition of vehicle by detecting movements via an internal acceleration sensor. Moreover, an integrated rechargeable battery ensures the transmission of position and status even when the supply voltage is switched off.

Reading the Driver Card Data
The VCG can communicate with the Digital Tachograph (DTCO) via the CAN interface. By means of a driver card overview, the dispatcher receives a comprehensive overview of the remaining driving times of the various drivers. In addition, the memory contained in the tachograph can also be read remotely via the same interface, sent to the central office and archived there for legal controls.

Wi-Fi Hotspot
The VCG enables the operation of mobile devices in the vehicle, which are connected via Wi-Fi to the Internet. Incoming and outgoing communication streams are fully verifiable and adjustable.

Individual Extension of the Functional Scope
A Linux-based firmware allows the software-sided adaptation and extension of the VCG function range depending on the respective vehicle and application. Different machinery and vehicle types can be operated with a separate system configuration. Existing system integrations in the field can subsequently be extended with functionalities or modified via remote updates.

Besides our DSA VCG, we offer companies from the building material industry with BetoTrack a comprehensive system solution consisting of software and hardware. BetoTrack is a modular overall system that can be used, among other things, for live tracking of vehicles and machineries in the field, for recording order status messages as well as for loading and unloading processes. BetoTrack can work together with external systems via interfaces and be expanded with individual functions. A web-based software approach enables an easy integration into the existing IT system landscape.

Our telematics and diagnostics unit VCG (Vehicle Connectivity Gateway) is already integrated in concrete mixers from various manufacturers with the aim of making the work of companies in the ready-mixed concrete industry more transparent and efficient. Have we piqued your interest? Then please contact us for more information.

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