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PRODIS.PDU - The High-Performance D-PDU API

The D-PDU API (Diagnostic Protocol Data Unit Application Programming Interface) is an ISO 22900-2 standardized software interface for the access to the vehicle’s communication interface for diagnostic communication.

As an implementation of this software interface, PRODIS.PDU is provided in the form of a powerful library that can be integrated into diagnostic applications. It has been in use at various OEMs and suppliers for many years and is available in various variants for the operating systems Microsoft Windows (e.g. for Windows 10 in 32/64 bit), QNX and various Linux platforms (e.g. i386, ARM, PowerPC) as well as embedded platforms and ECUs.

For the diagnostic access to the vehicle, the software library requires a DSA VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface), but also supports a large number of bus interfaces from other manufacturers. For communicating with the VCI, PRODIS.PDU uses a TCP/IP connection, which can be wired via LAN or USB, but also wireless via WLAN or Bluetooth. In the case of ISO UDS via DoIP, a VCI is not necessarily required. Instead, the connection between the vehicle and the test computer can be made here via an Ethernet cable.

In addition to other customer-specific communication protocols, many protocols included in the ISO 22900-2 standard are supported. The DSA D-PDU API enables diagnostic applications to access communication buses in the vehicle, also via a MCD-3D diagnostic server in accordance with ISO 22900-3, and can be used for diagnostic communication with individual ECUs or ECU groups.

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