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New Schematics Feature for PRODIS.WTS

With the new schematic feature of PRODIS.WTS, precise, context-oriented schematic drawings that are relevant for specific situations during vehicle diagnostics can now be displayed.

To analyze the error code (DTC) read from a control unit, a detailed figure of the corresponding component is required. If invalid measured values occur, a precise overview of the connection of two control units is required. No problem with the new schematic feature of PRODIS.WTS! Besides linking measurements, actuators, and DTCs to the individual components of a schematic, workshop assistants can use the integrated schematic search engine to search for a specific component and then carry out its subsequent rendering. In addition, by selecting two components, a connection between these can be rendered.

  • A legend of the displayed components
  • Diverse tooltips with precise information and photos about components, pins, wires
  • Helpful mechanisms for zooming in and out and navigate over the schematics
  • Step-by-step extending the schematic from a component to the overall circuit diagram
  • Print support including header and footer information about the currently displayed schematics

Advantages of this solution:

  • Precise and detailed schematic information focused on the problem is delivered quickly, eliminating the search for the right paper schematics. This saves time and costs.
  • Paper-based schematic drawings can be eliminated.
  • Minimizing the volume of data to be transferred to the workshops
  • Quick provision of precise circuit diagram information that focusses on the existing problem. So, searching for the right paper schematics is not necessary any more.
  • The schematics represent the concrete vehicle, this means that optional electrical/electronic components are only displayed if the vehicle is actually equipped with them. So workshop employees kep the best possible overview.

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