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DSA VCG – The Telematics and Diagnostics Unit for Trailers

„Where are my goods?"
„Does the cooling of my cooling trailer work properly?“
„In what condition is the trailer?“

This and more telemetry information is delivered by the DSA VCG via a mobile online connection to portals which can be viewed and evaluated by dispatchers:

For an efficient disposition and status monitoring of the vehicles, a constant transmission of position and movement data of the trailer takes place based on GPS data.

Coupling with the Electronic Braking System (EBS)
Data from the EBS ECU is made transparent to the dispatcher online and live, such as axle loads, tire pressures, ABS events, mileage, brake pressures, etc. Recording the machine condition enables remote monitoring and diagnostics as well as predictive maintenance.

Temperature Data
The VCG is able to permanently monitor both the temperature data of the connected sensors and the temperature data of common cooling systems and to send them to portals.

With the certification as a temperature recorder according to EN12830, the VCG provides temperature documentation approved by legislature. The use of separate temperature recorders is no longer necessary, and the data is directly available electronically. Moreover, the dispatcher can intervene by active control of the cooling system and e.g. activate the cooling system. In addition, the cooling units can be connected via various interfaces through the VCG.

Coupling Status
The coupling status to the tractor unit is registered via the connection of the electronic braking system.

Door Control
The remote-control-unit VCG controls and monitors the condition of the door locking system remotely—a basic requirement for the reliable protection of valuable goods and the monitoring of loading and unloading times.

Diagnostics and Flash Programming
With our many years of experience in the field of vehicle diagnostics and flash programming, the DSA VCG offers optimal implementation of status monitoring and performance of firmware updates. Recording important parameters such as fuel consumption, etc., both remote monitoring and predictive maintenance are enabled. In addition, the device’s firmware can be easily updated remotely via Firmware Update Over-The-Air (FOTA) and thus can be equipped with new functional modules and adapted to new customer requirements.

Wireless VCI
In the workshop, the DSA VCG can be used directly as a wireless VCI and can be addressed by a workshop diagnostic tester or flash system via standards such as ISO22900-2 (D-PDU API) and SAE 23534 (PassThru). Thus, access to the trailer requires no additional hardware.


Our telematics and diagnostics unit VCG (Vehicle Connectivity Gateway) is already in use on thousands of semitrailers/trailers—just contact us for more information.

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