Engineering is our Passion

We are an international company of more than 850 employees, with our own subsidiaries in eight countries. For more than 40 years, DSA has been the leading expert for developing innovative and customer-specific communication solutions for vehicle electronics. Whether in vehicle development, production, aftersales or the field of vehicle connectivity — our solutions cover the entire vehicle life cycle.

We put Vehicles to the Test

Our systems for communication and diagnostics, flashing and coding of ECUs as well as the evaluation of statistic data support vehicle manufacturers during the entire production process. Our solutions and know-how help to meet high quality standards and optimise process times. With advancing digitisation of plant processes, our interactive HMIs support the flexibilisation of production processes.

Technician Support

Our intelligent tools support workshop technicians with troubleshooting and repair instructions, including OEM requirements like content management, campaigns, etc.

We keep in Touch

Monitoring transportation fleets or agricultural vehicles in order to detect critical situations or defects is no problem with our platform for telematics and remote diagnostics, which enable real-time monitoring of working machines and commercial vehicles.


Our connected vehicle solutions provide the possibility to transfer software updates wirelessly to the vehicle via Firmware-over-the-Air (FotA). Due to digitisation and crosslinking of vehicles as well as collection and evaluation of data, problems can be detected even before they arise.

The right Perspective

Whether in production, aftersales or the connectivity sector—valuable information is hidden in huge amounts of collected data. Our intelligent solutions for data analysis enable simple access to this information.

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