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The DSA handheld terminals in the RCU series (Remote Communication Unit) combine the function of a remote control unit for test equipment with that of a data entry terminal.

The RCU is used as a WLAN terminal, to display messages and to control tests—together with Multi-Function Tester MFT, Mobile Diagnostic Interfaces MDI and Module Test Systems MTS.


Commercial Vehicles

The combination of the RCU application with the assembly support application reduces the number of devices in the line. The same equipment can be used for the assembly instructions and visualization.

In combination with VCI devices such as the WDI-2, the usage of the RCU solution reduces effort in the production line by significantly reducing weight and improving work ergonomy.

The multiple HMI diagnostic possibilities provide great flexibility on the definition of a production line, from fixed installations and large tablets to compact hand-held devices.


  • Autonomous use
  • Low weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable operation
  • Robust housing for industrial applications

Interface options

For perfect adaption to your use case we offer different interface options:

  • Bluetooth
  • WLAN

The corresponding docking station ensures a comfortable handling.

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