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PRODIS.Automation is our authoring tool for the creation of automated testing and programming processes in the production line. So, vehicles can be verified, tested, coded and programmed with little user interaction.

In production, the authoring tool supports vehicle specialists to create test and diagnostic procedures. Test functions and processes are managed and distributed centrally.

The user is supported during the creation of test and programming sequences by a graphical flow editor. Using a drag-and-drop function, processes can be created from an extensive library. Thanks to integrated team functions, even large or distributed teams can work together efficiently.

The modular architecture (plug-in-concept) allows for using PRODIS.Automation in different system environments. PRODIS.Automation can be individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

The release management allows the compilation of test and programming procedures into a diagnostic package. The diagnostic package is then executed via the runtime system PRODIS.RTS.

Commercial Vehicles

Manage the increased complexity of vehicle electronics with a structured tool.

A simple representation of the increasingly complex properties of the vehicle and production line.

Manage multiple platforms with the option to reuse elements and reduce time-consuming efforts.


  • More stability and security through versioning and change log. Changes to test sequences can be tracked and reversed.
  • Release management
  • More convenience through full integration of the configuration management system. All functions can be operated directly from PRODIS.Automation. An external program is not necessary.
  • Graphical editor for generating test sequences by drag & drop from existing library elements. Mastering a classical programming language is not necessary.
  • Branch and merge concept
  • User and role management
  • Code generation and release process
  • ODX and OTX support
  • Creation of parallel and multi-channel ECU test procedures
  • Statistics feature
  • Debugging

Data model and structure

The comprehensive data model of the PRODIS Production system allows using a single system to define all the required assembly steps and tests required for the correct assembly, documentation, verification and test of the vehicle construction.
The task-oriented approach divides the description of the construction of the vehicles (which parts must be assembled, and the assembly rules based on vehicle configuration) with the activities and tasks (Assembly Instructions and Test Plans)

The data structure created in PRODIS.Automation addresses all documentation needs:

  • The structure of the actions organized in the test plan creates the assembly process information that PRODIS.Server requires to verify vehicle completeness and construction state.
  • The physical checklists and test modules for electronic diagnostics create the required documentation steps that define the product quality
  • The execution system automatically collects performance logs and additional information required to debug and improve the process, including execution time.

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