Multi-Function Tester with Steering Wheel Balance MFT-3-LK

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The MFT-3-LK combines the functions of our Multi-Function tester MFT-4 with those of a steering wheel balance.

The MFT-3-LK with integrated steering wheel balance is used in the chassis position to detect the steering wheel angle in conjunction with the implementation of ECU communication. So for example, at the same time the steering angle sensor can be calibrated or other ECUs are programmed.

A high-precision inclinometer allows for accurate angular measurement.


Used in all types of passenger cars, from family to sport vehicles.


  • Device can be used in any location, including outside of assembly or production areas
  • Stand-alone operation (even without control system) possible
  • Parallel testing cuts testing time to a minimum
  • pplication software can be created by means of PRODIS.Automation.
  • Integrates fully into existing IT infrastructure
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Robust housing appropriate for industrial environments


  • Sophisticated Locking Mechanism
    The MFT-3-LK can be attached to the steering wheel easily and securely and can be detached in the same simple way.
  • Locking Adjustable in Height
    Thanks to height adjustable rollers the MFT-3-LK can be adapted to different steering wheel shapes.
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