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Your Start at DSA

The second interview has been a success and you decided to take up the job? Great! We are happy to welcome you to our team. You surely wonder what to expect on your first day at DSA.

Personal Contact

We are no big corporation but a mid-sized, owner-managed company. It is of great importance for us to keep a family-oriented and trustful atmosphere within the company and a close cooperation throughout groups and departments. Thus a contact person will accompany you and help you to feel comfortable in no time. This includes taking a tour through the departments, so that you also get to know the other colleagues and find out more about their fields of work.

All important rooms of the building are shown to you as well, e.g. the position of the kitchens, the central office, the storage room for work equipment, etc. In addition you get to know the most important processes and rules so that you are already familiar with the company after your first day. This includes catering topics (Where do I get beverages? How do I order lunch?), security topics (Where are the emergency exits? Where are the fire extinguishers?), working time topics (How do I settle my working hours? How do I make a vacation request? When is lunch break?) as well as topics on personal interaction (What does my team do during lunch break? How do we address each other? What are the weekly meetings?) etc.

Individual Orientation Plan

On your first days you also receive your orientation plan. This plan will acompany you for the next weeks and months and assures your structured training on the new working environment. Needless to say that experienced colleagues will be on your side and help you as much as they can through this exciting time.