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Junior Technology Innovator / Software Developer – Automotive Industry Digitalization

Digital Technologies are being integrated into daily life at a rapid pace. Vehicle owners rely on technology at unprecedented levels to ensure their safety and comfort. Due to the ascendance of advanced driving assistance systems, autonomous driving, connected vehicle, internet of things and Industry 4.0 customer expectations are changing. The vehicle is now part of a mobility experience, which integrates with home, work, public transportation and across multiple portable devices.

As a company with outstanding expertise in vehicle diagnostics and processes, DSA is a major enabler and provider of key technologies required for the digitalization of the automotive industry.

Join a dynamic innovation team, working with the latest technologies to develop solutions in the areas of:

  • Vehicle Lifecycle Maintenance: We keep vehicles in the road running longer by developing technologies for Firmware Over-The-Air Update, Vehicle State of Health and Condition Monitoring.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Create the digital equivalent of a crystal ball, by creating algorithms that detect when vehicles are likely to fail and maintenance needs to be performed. Notify the customer before the car breaks down.
  • Remote Diagnostics: From Commercial Vehicles to sport cars, we enable engineers and technicians to diagnose, analyze and repair vehicles remotely.
  • Ergonomic solutions for vehicle production: Production plants are becoming more flexible. Vehicle development cycles get shorter. Electronic complexity increases. Create solutions that model the diagnostics & logistics processes in the plant and reduce the workload of technicians with the usage of wearable technologies.
  • Data Analytics: Mountains of data are generated with the advent of advanced sensors and cheap wireless communication. Feel the satisfaction of creating order from chaos. Find the needle in the haystack.

Work Style & Job Responsibilities

You will be part of a multidisciplinary team that strives to understand and develop not only what the customers want, but what they really need. Hence, one of the main requisites is an open and inquisitive mind and a “can do” attitude.

You will be expected to create solutions addressing particular problems in a given timeframe together with a product owner, a small team of developers and user experience specialists. As part of your responsibilities, you will have the following tasks:

  • Research, Design and Integration of optimal technologies for our solutions
  • Develop using agile methodologies and quick iteration cycles
  • Communicate effectively with Product Owners, Stakeholders and Developers to understand the customer needs
  • Bring each solution to a sellable, full product

The environment will be result-focused and intense. After each development cycle, it is expected to wrap up by integrating the new product into our portfolio before embarking into the next adventure.

Required Skills and Experiences

  • Software Development Skills, either in Java or C++
  • Knowledge of agile development techniques and methodologies
  • Superb analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Strong Team Player
  • Fluent German and English language written and verbal
  • An adventurous soul - Curiosity and flexibility to change

Additional preferable skills

  • Automotive industry know-how, either in Engineering, Production or After-Sales
  • Logistics know-how

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