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Application Procedure

We are looking forward to your application. To make a well-balanced decision, your application will pass through several steps:

First Interview

After receipt of your application, you get an e-mail that confirms its reception. At DSA a member of the management board and the responsible manager of the department your application is intended for, now assess your application. If your application attracted our interest, you immediately receive an invitation to an interview by e-mail or phone. In case of a negative decision you are promptly informed as well.

The first interview usually takes one hour and is being held with the intention to get to know each other. You have the opportunity to present your CV and skills in detail. On our part we present the company with attention to the business segments, the business culture and contractual conditions. We also ask for your desired salary without going into details. Both sides have the opportunity to ask questions. The first interview is usually held by two representatives of the respective department. This first interview does not discuss the specific job or job definition. We would like to get to know you first, before making a decision which  position suits you best.

Our interviews are held in a pleasant atmosphere among professionals. We do not apply pressure through assessment centers or stress interviews.
After this first meeting you and us have some days for consideration. During this period both parties can decide whether they can imagine to work together. After this time of consideration you give us a call and we exchange positions. If there is mutual interest to work together, we make an appointment for a second interview.

Second Interview

The second interview serves to clarify open issues of the first interview, to present the potential job and position to you and to define the financial conditions. This conversation is usually held by a representative of the management board, the head of department and a team leader. When you apply for a management position the conversational partners are individually defined. At the end of this conversation you receive a blank employment contract that you can review at home taking all the time you need. Within a few days you signal that you want to work with us. The contract is then signed either personally at DSA or via mail with you receiving two copies of the contract and sending a completed copy back to us. There is nothing more to prevent you from starting at DSA.