Diagnostics Systems Applications


  • Dieter, Diagnostics Specialist

    Dieter, Diagnostics Specialist

    Dieter checks if he can apply his vehicle communication skills to an electric vehicle.

  • Michael, Designer

    Michael, Designer

    Michael has an eye for detail. The new design of the shock protection is approved and ready for production.

  • Uli, Project Manager

    Uli, Project Manager

    Uli is our man for China. He's got everything under control, even though his customer is 5000 miles away.

About us

Continuous innovations for safety and convenience and current trends like vehicle connectivity let vehicle IT become more and more important. The times when a car was primarily built on mechanics are long gone, today a car rather resembles a moving computer network. It consists of dozens of electronic control units (ECUs) that monitor, control and manage vehicle functions.

All ECUs are connected to each other via different bus systems and permanently exchange information. Our test systems provide access to this network and are able to communicate with the ECUs in order to run diagnostics and to supply with the correct software and settings. This is done in vehicle production, in the workshops, and online in the connected vehicle.

Our devices and software are used in 175 plants, 30.000 workshops and in the German technical inspection agencies. It is very likely that your car made the acquaintance of our products long before you did.

Become a member of the DSA team and contribute your ideas and your commitment to help us remain the world’s leading manufacturer in vehicle diagnostics. We are looking forward to receiving your application!