Wireless Diagnostic Interface WDI-2

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The wireless communication interface WDI-2 is specially designed for Workshop operations and After-Sales needs. It is used for testing the vehicles electronics in connection with a PC or laptop.

Description of the WDI-2

The WDI-2 establishes a wireless communication between the on-board network of a vehicle and an externally running diagnostics application. For this purpose, the WDI-2 is plugged to the vehicle’s OBD connector by the operator and connects either via WLAN / Bluetooth or cable with the test computer.

Commercial Vehicles

Useful for diagnostics of powertrain and CAN related ECUs, the small size makes it an indispensable tool for servicing vehicles on the field.

The small and convenient size makes it easy to connect to the OBD-II port of commercial vehicles in the Cabin. The wireless connection reduces tripping hazards and makes it simple to the technician to perform tests either in the cabin or outside the vehicle.

With the small size and WLAN access, it is the ideal tool to comfortably perform diagnostics outside of the vehicle with a solid connection to the diagnostics computer.


  • Compact design (84 x 59 x 22 mm without OBD head)
  • Light weight (80g)
  • Robust housing, designed for industrial use; protected against splash water according to IP54
  • Ease of use
  • MVCI-compatible, supporting DoIP and CAN FD
  • Interactive configuration of the device using the DSA VCI Manager
  • Parallel diagnostic processes with arbitrary combination of protocols and bus systems
  • Full integration into our PRODIS tool suite


Vehicle-specific OBD head
The OBD plug of the WDI-2 can be designed customer-specifically and therefore enables the adaptation to the requirements of the electronic vehicle architecture. Adapter cables for variant vehicle connectors can be connected if required. There is a cable identification function (“cable select”) to identify such adapters if the cable supports this function.

Supported protocols and standards

Software and hardware of the WDI-2 support all current vehicle buses and diagnostic protocols as well as the D-PDU-API standard/PRODIS.PDU (ISO 22900-2):

  • UDS on CAN
  • OBD on CAN und K line
  • KWP2000 on ISO-TP, TP2.0, TP1.6 and K line
  • KW1281 on TP1.6 and K line
  • SAE J1939
  • DoIP (ISO 13400, standard) and CAN FD (optional)

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