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PRODIS.Share is our cloud-based platform for the worldwide distribution of diagnostic applications and data to dealerships. PRODIS.Share supports both the roll-out of diagnostic applications and the recording and forwarding of the actual status of the vehicle fleet in the field (feedback data).

PRODIS.Share is our backend for the distribution of diagnostic applications and data, protection against license abuse, and feedback gathering.

The distribution environment can also be used to distribute, install, and update any other data, such as repair instructions and schematics, and software packages. The download manager SmartStart ensures a constant synchronization of the local software packages with PRODIS.Share and executes updates independently if required.

Diagnostic applications and diagnostic data built with PRODIS.Authoring can be distributed via PRODIS.Share and processed on the devices with PRODIS.WTS.

Commercial Vehicles

With PRODIS.Share it is possible to use the same solution in the workshop and on the field with an easy-to-use interface for the technician.

PRODIS.Share enables the technician to fix the vehicle right at the first visit, reducing the TCO of the vehicle.

PRODIS.Share helps to react quickly to changes on the software and to reduce distribution costs.


  • SmartStart technology for an installation-free distribution of diagnostic applications and data to workshop testers
  • EURO 5/6; EURO V/VI compliant implementation for independent workshops
  • Option to distribute additional applications or data (PDF reader, schematics)
  • Authentication interface to integrate Web Portal solutions based on SAML standards
  • Protection against piracy and misuse by means of an integrated license server
  • Significant cost reduction due to the absence of physical media (CDs, USB sticks)
  • Software distribution with tolerance against Internet connection interrupts and intelligent reconnection

Supported protocols and standards

  • Safe encoding of server data and during transmission by using the industry standard SSL

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