Radio Microphone ICS-MIC4


The ICS-MIC4 radio microphone is used for the automated testing of the vehicle’s infotainment components like loudspeaker, USB connectors, AUX connectors, hands-free kits (in conjunction with GSM tester).

The ICS-MIC4 is controlled by a superordinate diagnostic test system via WiFi.

The integrated FM transmitter of the ICS-MIC4 sends a complex test signal via the vehicle antenna to the radio. The wireless microphone evaluates the recorded signals of the radio loudspeakers. The evaluation is carried out in the superordinate diagnostic test system.

For testing USB/AUX connections the ICS-MIC4 is connected to the sockets in the vehicle.


Ensure a high customer satisfaction index for audio equipment in the vehicle with a cost-effective integrated solution.


  • Compact design
  • Control by a superordinate diagnostic test system is possible
  • In contrast to commercial radio microphone systems no transmission of audio data via UHF channel is necessary. So, a UHF receiver and analysis PC can be dropped, also no licensing of UHF channels is required.
  • Parallel operation of multiple ICS-MIC4 / MIC4LN systems in close proximity is possible
  • Objective and repeatable test results
  • Low installation and assembly efforts

Use cases

The ICS System creates an objective measurement of the quality of the audio system. The results gathered after creating reference curves allow finding vehicles that do not conform to the expected results. These vehicles can then be analysed in order to drive product improvements that guarantee a consistent audio experience.

Connectivity for the customer is also now considered a mandatory feature for all vehicles. The quality of the reception and the antennas strongly drives customer satisfaction. The ICS-MIC4 is a good compromise between functionality and price.

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