Planning System BetonPlan

Off-HighwayCommercial Vehicles

The system for planning transport as well as mixed capacities and releasing deliveries with easy maintenance of the data of large projects and self-pickups.

BetonPlan is a software module of our comprehensive system solution BetoSys. Scheduling and planning can be done centrally or separately at the individual plants. Thanks to the centralised database, all key information is accessible when and where you need it to respond quickly to customer demands. You can thus offer a better service while saving money.

Orders for small projects and collection orders can be entered directly in the BetonPlan order management system. Customers can place orders by phone, in writing or via the internet. All order details entered in BetonPlan are available in the other BetoSys modules. The data from dockets accompanying incoming deliveries for cement, fly ash, sand, gravel and additives is entered and forwarded to financial accounting, so that the necessary commodities are managed automatically based on stock levels and demand.


  • Logging of actual production figures
  • Drive time scheduling based on daytime and historic data
  • GPS tracking, wireless communication
  • Reduced transport costs
  • Faster billing
  • Elimination of overtime
  • Greater delivery dependability
  • Improved quality
  • Fast access to accurate information for customer and sales advise


  • Concrete planning system
  • Mortar planning system
  • Pump planning system
  • Material planning

Additional advantages

BetonPlan enables optimization and deployment of vehicles, to minimise downtimes and to meet agreed delivery times. The turnaround times of vehicles, including loading delays, driving times to and from the point of delivery, exact unloading times and potential queuing times are calculated and logged with great accuracy. The logistics data can be visualised at a push of a button.

With telemetric units in the vehicle, the shipping data can be sent directly to the driver, while the GPS location of the vehicle is transmitted to the head office and shown on a map.

Parent System

  • Integrated Solution for Concrete and Construction Material Industries BetoSys

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