Diagnostics Systems Applications


As a result of the increasing digitization and automation, ever greater amounts of data are generated in automotive production. At the same time, the high degree of division of labor in industrial production processes causes that data sources are distributed across different, independent companies. The aim of the research project PRO-OPT is to support companies in performing an effective and intelligent analysis of large amounts of data in decentralized cooperation structures, so-called "smart ecosystems".

The research project examines such ecosystems as an example of the automotive industry: Vehicles represent extremely complex overall systems, which consist of components of various suppliers, and this complexity is also reflected in the related ecosystem. By means of big-data strategies and in consideration of access authorizations, comprehensive data analyzes are enabled locally on the individual data sources or made more efficiently. The resulting individual outcomes are then combined to one overall result.

The research and development project PRO-OPT is funded as part of the smart data technology program of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. The project has started in January 2015 and ended in December 2017.

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