Diagnostics Systems Applications
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Our Mission Statement

Engineering is our passion. Together with vehicle manufacturers, service providers and OEMs, we ensure that they exceed their customers' expectations with respect to reliability and stability. This is what we strive for in our daily work.

Our products

  • put vehicles and components to the test during and after production and so ensure that OEMs —together with our support—are able to optimize vehicle production and to exceed their customers' expectations regarding quality and reliability,

Build vehicles right!

  • enable a fast and reliable diagnosis during the entire vehicle life cycle and so
    guarantee highest reliability and quick troubleshooting of vehicles in the workshop,

Keep vehicles running!

  • ensure a continuous recording and intelligent evaluation of data during the entire vehicle life cycle from production to utilization, enabling communication flows of vehicles with our connected solutions—anytime and everywhere.

Know all about your products – all the time!

As idea providers and implementers, we contribute to our customers’ project success with our long-time experience and expert knowledge. This is what we stand for with our dedication, our innovative strength and our ability. We are a reliable partner who constantly advances his customers and makes them more efficient.

We lift your quality and your customer’s satisfaction!