Diagnostics Systems Applications
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Fields of Competence

We Put Vehicles to the Test

With our systems for communication with and diagnosis of electrics and electronics, flash-programming and coding of ECUs as well as the evaluation of statistic data we support vehicle manufacturer during the entire production process.
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Support for Technicians

Retrieving current vehicle data for an arbitrary car that enters a workshop anywhere in the world—no problem with our cloud-based distribution platform. Standard internet and web technologies ensure fluently operation despite different environments.
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We Keep in Touch

Monitoring transportation fleets or agricultural vehicles in order to detect critical situations or defective systems saves time and money. Determined real-time monitoring of working machines and commercial vehicles helps to optimize your fleet management.
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Prevention Instead of Emergency Repair

Today, it is normally still mandatory to visit a workshop when ECUs must be updated to a current software status. Our connected vehicle solutions provide the possibility to transfer software updates wirelessly to the vehicle via Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) nearly any time.
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We Ensure the Right Perspective

Whether in production, after-sales or the connectivity sector—valuable information is hidden in huge amounts of collected data which is hardly manually deducible. Our intelligent SKYLYZE solutions for data analysis enable simple access to these information.
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Our Service

By supporting in saving costs, meeting timelines and optimizing processes in complex projects, we are the reliable partner for our customers. We are idea providers and implementers—with their long-time experience and expert know-how, our highly motivated employees contribute to your project success.
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