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Certification & Memberships


Since 1997, our company is certified according to ISO 9001. With this certification, we continuously prove our high demands on our products, structures and processes.

Our quality management system is regularly verified and monitored by internal and external auditors to ensure a continuous adherence of the system and an optimal advancement of our processes. Thus, we can always guarantee our customers the best quality as well as standardized products and production processes.


In order to contribute to the development and actualization of important standards with our know-how and our expertise, we are involved in various normalization and standardization bodies and associations, inter alia:

eSync Alliance

The eSync Alliance is spearheading the development of end-to-end over-the-air (OTA) updating and data services, enabling bi-directional communications with all electronic devices in the vehicle.

Automotive Open System Architecture (AUTOSAR)

The aim of the global development partnership AUTOSAR is to establish an open and standardized software architecture for ECUs in automotive industry.

Association for Standardization of Automation- and Measuring Systems (ASAM) e. V.

ASAM coordinates the development of technical standards, such as for simulation, measurement and application systems as well as test automation.

Agricultural Industry Electronics Foundation (AEF) e. V.

The AEF wishes to provide the necessary resources and appropriate know-how so that important technical challenges concerning electronic and electrical systems in agricultural technology and farming can be jointly addressed by the industry.

Regionaler Industrie-Club Informatik Aachen (REGINA) e. V.

The association REGINA bundles cross-border and regional IT skills and promotes dialogue and cooperation between the regional economy and science. Through cooperation and communication, the business location Aachen should be strengthened in the ICT sector and synergy effects should be achieved.

digitalHUB Aachen e. V.

The initiative "Aachen digitalisiert!" forges a coalition of economy, science and politics to create an "Aachen Area" as a digital innovation region. For this purpose, the association digitalHUB e.V. was founded, whose goal is to sustainably strengthen the future viability of the region as well as to promote and empower the digitization of the economy.

Center Connected Industry on RWTH Aachen Campus

The Center Connected Industry in the Smart Logistics cluster provides a platform for industrial companies, research, software and service providers who aim the prototypical evaluation of new and existing IoT technologies for targeted, technology-supported information provision. New technologies and possibilities of the Internet of Things should be directly transferred to productive use through early evaluation and testing.