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DSA to join Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and Microsoft’s Digital Factory efforts

DSA extends collaboration with Microsoft in the fields of Connected Vehicle and Digital Factory to further digitize its solutions.

Vehicle with cloud-based diagnostic services

DSA uses the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform to provide diagnostic solutions.

Shanghai, China. April 18, 2019. DSA, a leading software and solutions provider for quality assurance, diagnostics, and maintenance of the entire vehicle electrics and electronics in the automotive industry, today announced a collaboration with Microsoft in the fields of connected vehicle and digital factory. Together, DSA and Microsoft target to close the digital feedback loops between automotive production facilities and field cars by providing an advanced Vehicle Lifecycle Management, based on the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP).

DSA provides vehicle electronics configuration, reprogramming and testing solutions for over 180 factories and more than 35,000 workshops worldwide, helping various partners in the industry manage vehicle diagnostics data and complexity in order to build, maintain and repair vehicles and, enabling offboard communication with more than 500.000 vehicles per day. Furthermore, over 50.000 vehicles are equipped with DSA’s onboard connectivity solutions. By using the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform, DSA will further drive digitalization and connectivity to enable firmware and configuration update over-the-air, vehicle health state monitoring, sensor telemetry and remote control using proven technologies and reducing development efforts. In addition, DSA will work with Microsoft to digitize today’s assembly lines with Industry 4.0 concepts.

Ansgar Schleicher, DSA Managing Director said, “As a long-term market leader in offboard diagnostic and flash programming systems, it is DSA’s aim to also become a technological market leader for Connected Vehicle solutions, especially for Over-the-Air Updates, Coding and Remote Diagnostics. Our collaboration with Microsoft is an ideal platform to leverage these new technologies and exhibit the value-adds of connectivity and digitalization in the next generation of vehicles.”

“We are delighted to extend further our collaboration with Microsoft into the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Program Team. The platform and architecture are a solid base to have scalable products and services.”

DSA will combine their expertise in vehicle commissioning with Microsoft technology such as Microsoft Azure Digital Twins to complete a Digital Feedback Loop. The complete history of the vehicle, from cradle to grave will be maintained and monitored. The connection with DSA’s vehicle electronics commissioning systems in the manufacturing facility provides a full construction state of the car, which is complemented by a constant flow of performance and health information from the connected vehicle components running in the car. With the repair and maintenance systems, the information loop is complete which enables the usage of data analytics and pattern recognition for predictive maintenance and root cause analysis.

Tara Prakriya, Partner Group Program Manager of MCVP and Mobility at Microsoft, said, “DSA is a well-known and trusted partner for us with a deep knowledge of today’s automotive systems and processes. We are happy to announce DSA as one of our early partners of the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Program (MCVP), as we continue to enable our joint customers in creating better products and deeper customer relationships by closing the gap with a digital feedback loop between production facilities and connected cars over the lifetime  of the vehicle.”

Prakriya added, “In addition, DSA’s hardware solutions are a valuable complement to our cloud platform efforts, will enable retrofit as well as embedded connected car services to address aftermarket scenarios as well as rich in-vehicle experiences in new cars.”
MCVP will power next-generation, connected vehicles with advanced navigation, predictive maintenance, remote monitoring of car features and more.

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