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Connected Truck Life Cycle Management Scenarios

Modern technologies are disrupting the commercial vehicle market. Digitalization provides the opportunity for OEMs to offer new products and services. Mastering the vehicle electronics life cycle is a prerequisite. Several scenarios require operation data and diagnostics to reduce total cost of
ownership. To reach understanding, it is also necessary to work in a larger ecosystem. DSA solutions can be used to reduce time to market with our comprehensive end-2-end tool chain, from vehicle connectivity units to cloud solutions.

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Digital Factory& Autonomous Driving

The automotive industry is facing an increased number of challenges. The higher complexity of vehicle construction, cost pressure and efficiency improvements together with an increased rate of vehicle design changes trigger frequent changes in production requirements. This leads to constant adjustments to plant production processes and tasks.

The solution to these challenges requires the digitalization of the complete production plant.

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Vehicle Electronics Lifecycle Management

This white paper describes the long-term vision of DSA’s Lifecycle Management Solution (LCM) and describes DSA’s software solution development for a product and vehicle lifecycle management system. The document does not describe other parts of the complete DSA Connected Vehicle Solution like the OTA Update or In-Vehicle Diagnostic Tester solutions.
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Digital Vehicle Documentation

During vehicle assembly, most documentation is with non-integrated local electronic systems or even still on paper for some operations. As the amount of required information increases and additional use cases for data analytics emerge, an integrated electronic documentation system lowers complexity, reduces costs and increases data availability.
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Connected Vehicle Solutions

The white paper outlines DSA’s Connected Vehicle Solution by covering the supported use cases, potential deployment options, involved product components, supported functionality and the hardware requirements.
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Creating Collaborative Ecosystems for the Connected Truck

The trend towards digitalization and connectivity enables truck manufacturers to create exciting new services for their customers. However, it requires a complete transformation of their business approach.
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White Paper Vehicle Connectivity

Vehicle Connectivity as an Enabler for new life-cycle-oriented Services

Connected vehicles with a strong vehicle integration (diagnostics) allow the implementation of new use cases that improve product quality, increase customer binding and satisfaction and create new business cases.
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Smart Wearable HMI Devices For A Flexible Vehicle Production

Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT promise a revolution on the way that data, machines and workers interact to achieve transparency and better productivity. A key component is the digitalization of the worker.
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SKYLYZE – Intelligentes Gewährleistungsmanagement für die Automobilindustrie

Für Hersteller und Zulieferer der Automobilindustrie steigen die Anforderungen beim Warranty Management konstant: Forderungen nach längeren Garantiezeiten und öffentlichkeitswirksame Rückrufe zeigen, dass im Hinblick auf Sicherheit und Zuverlässigkeit bei vielen Systemen Nachholbedarf besteht.
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