Intelligent Mobile Diagnostic Interface smartMDI now available with fast CAN-FD

Advanced driver assistance systems, autonomous driving and new infotainment features are leading to ever increasing complexity in vehicle electronics. These developments in turn require faster diagnostic communication with the ECUs, which is more and more often based on the current CAN Flexible Datarate (CAN-FD) standard.

With its extended user data length from 8 to 64 bytes and significantly higher data transfer rates, this protocol is a compelling option. The mobile diagnostic interface smartMDI from DSA now also supports this fast communication protocol. As test adapter from the "Smart Diagnostic Edge" family, the smartMDI supports both operator-guided and autonomous circulation test systems.

A significant advantage is that vehicle tests can be carried out in both online and offline mode thanks to local data storage and autonomous process control. As a result, flash processes are always carried out reliably, regardless of the available WLAN quality.

Beyond that, the smartMDI offers the option to visualize data of the test sequence via mobile devices such as tablets and handhelds as well as up to date via smart devices such as data glasses. DSA supplies several variants of the smartMDI with further diagnostic interfaces in addition to the basic version.

This is made possible by the multiplexer technology (MTX) adopted from the MFT-3. This results from the multiplexer technology (MTX) adopted from the MFT-3. Different versions with CAN-FD + DoIP, 1xCAN-FD + 2xCAN or 2xCAN+DoIP can be provided. The CAN-FD lines allow speeds of up to 5 Mbps and support the current classic CAN data rates.

DSA is looking forward to implementing further customer-specific versions on request.

For further information see smartMDI.



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